What is the Enchanted Forest?
The Enchanted Forest offers a naturalist, educational and philosophic experience and has been conceived to allow us to find our inner peace and harmony with the universe. It also welcomes children, as it is a place of peace and silence, which makes it possible to convey a new vision of the world through play and contact with nature. We have created 10 havens in this natural paradise: the oasis of the senses(the botanical garden), the permaculture garden (to create an awareness of the value of food as one of the vital fundamentals of life), the ancient elm tree trunk, the voices in the wood (a wooden stage which is used for meetings, theatrical performances, yoga and meditation sessions), the areas of harmony (Zen gardens for adults and children), the tree house ( a retreat for meditation and massages), the waters of well-being (for Kneipp hydrotherapy and hydromassage ), the spiritual labyrinth , the bare foot sensorial track (bark, gravel,stone, grass, moss, fir tree bark), the water cycle.

Children’s activity programme
Nature is a precious resource which we getting to know more about and to have more respect for. Nature is the home of a wealth of different animals, each having its own role and function. We can hear a multitude of voices in the wood, which have inspired the music of man for centuries. Such as the swishing of leaves, the rhythm of dripping water, birdsong, the rhythmic beating sound made by the woodpecker on the branch. A day spent in the Enchanted Wood, against the magnificent natural setting of the Upper Po Valley, will feature a series of fairy tales and stories, songs and movement. Through play, children will be taught to appreciate the wood and its inhabitants, and interact with them.
We shall observe the trees and the animals that show themselves; we shall experiment the potential of our voices and bodies, in a truly unique and stimulating context, focusing on the sounds present in nature, through a series of exercises to promote active listening.

The aim is that of promoting children’s learning in the stimulating mountain wood environment, a safe place where children are free to experiment, and learn through play. The activities provided vary according to the age and specific interests of the children, some examples of activities are : themed treasure hunt; animals, trees and plants, pirates, fantasy creature- young explorers; geologists, botanists, ethologists, cartographers- building activity using salvaged materials, dance and rhythms of the world, hut building.

Workshops on how to recycle and make small objects, themes treasure hunts, confidence and proprioception building games of; bats and moths, cubes, blind caterpillar, mapping the local area, hut building.

From 10.00 am to 16.30 pm with a break for packed lunch.
Afternoon snack based on the organic products of Achillea of Paesana.
Price per person
15 € + iva 22% per child for parties until 50 participants
10 € + iva 22% per child for parties 51 participants and up
For larger or smaller groups, for any special requirements and/or programme modifications, a personalized programme will be devised.
Free entry for teachers and accompanying staff and for students with a disability.
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